IDR 55,590,000.00   IDR 45,000,000.00

All new Yeti SB6 T-series. The best just keeps getting better!!

Yeti not only make legendary bikes, they have also spawned legendary riders, from John Tomac and Missy Giove to the latest greats - Jared Graves and Richie Rude. The Yeti SB6 is a shinning example of their focus and dedication. The SB6's rear suspension uses their own Switch Technology, which makes the SB6 is one of the best climbers in it's class, yes despite there being little bob in the suspension climbing, point it downhill and the Switch Technology comes active, gripping to everything keeping you glued to the trail.​

The SB6 Turq Series Frame is 6.05 lbs (2.74 KG) Made With the Highest quality carbon fibre available. This is possibly the best frame ever produced by Yeti. The exact same frame that Yeti's EWS and National Team riders rally on enduro tracks around the world. Thanks to innovations in carbon technology, Yeti are able to switch up their layups, drop 265 grams and keep the same stiffness in their carbon frames. When you’re looking to win World Championships, every gram counts. 

The SB6 is tested under heightened frame requirements to withstand more abuse. What does this mean? Well it is tested to stiffness and impact levels of downhill bike standards. Along with the testing in the lab the SB6 has been ridden to victory on the toughest Enduro race courses in the world. This thing is Richie Rude frigging approved.

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